About me

My name is Sarah and I was born and raised in Grande Prairie, Alberta. I am a wife and a mama to 3 amazing kids who are my favorite people in the whole world! Rose & Sparrow Photography is a name that came straight from my heart and is the heart of what I want my photography to be. I have always loved a beautiful photo. I can’t even count the number of times I have been stopped in my tracks by the view of a sunset, the mountains, changing colors in fall, or my favorite lake in Salmon Arm. I am always taking photos in my mind and have been doing that since I was young.

Of all the scenes of breathtaking beauty I have captured this way, none are quite as exquisite as the beauty and power I have seen in human connections.

My husband started a tradition shortly after we got married, where he would bring me roses every time he came home from working away. That small gift has become something so much bigger to me. It is a symbol of the choice made to love and cherish this little family of ours and the foundation that it is built on. Roses are a reminder for me to stop and appreciate beauty where it can be found, not just in the big, obvious moments but in all the little significant moments in between. Sparrows are my favorite little bird. I can’t see one without thinking of Mathew 6:25. Sparrows to me symbolize freedom. Freedom from worry and stress, freedom to live a life of beauty and simplicity, finding joy in gratitude for all that we have. These two symbols represent the type of photographer I want to be. I want to capture more than just “the perfect family photo”. I want the little/big moments, the extraordinary ordinary. I want to give people photos that they will treasure for a lifetime because they reflect the real connections and the unique work of art that is authentically their family.

A photograph can speak of a moment
where words are not enough